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Waarom is Hillustration Studio de beste keuze voor u?

Mijn slogan is "open de deuren". I distinguish my works with a naive, fairy tale style which touches to current retro-vintage approach or abstract digital trends of the design market. I am inspired by Ancient Greek vase paintings, Ottoman-Iranian miniatures and Flemish Middle Age manuscripts and reliefs. My works support an exhibition, book or any infographics for children as well as a café or other small budget private entrepreneurs who desire to create a dreamy, soft and unisex image with the clients.

Meer over Hillustration Studio:

Hillustration Studio is the brand name of Hasan Isikli. It is an independent initiative which aims to develop visually intercultural dialogue. The initiative consists of one person and is open to team projects with other artists and managers.

Wat kan Hillustration Studio u bieden?

I work manually with watercolor and acrylic. Each work is unique and well elaborated. Whatever the content of the project is, after the production the client may acquire the original illustration and frame it for private or professional interior. Beside the manual illustration on paper I can also contribute to interior and window design of the company such as mural painting and choosing the right color combinations according to the company's identity.

Wie gingen u voor?

My clients have been mostly from private sector. I made lastly a mural painting for trade museum of Izmir to support a ship model of Antiquity. I fulfilled to play an informative role, prepare emotionally and attract the attention of the visitors at the entrance of the museum.


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Hillustration Studio

Kwaadham 59 Bus 122 9000 Gent
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